Terms of delivery

Below the conditions of delivery of the work by doctor Van Philips for the inspector are described. You must be aware of this and agree to this when requesting an inspection.

  1. Doctor Van Philips declares to be a general practitioner and AME (aero medical examiner) who works regularly and confirms to the EASA legal requirements for pilots class 1, 2 and LAPL, as well as cabin crew.
  2. All work performed as an AME falls under the supervision of the Medical Authority of the Inspection of Aviation and Transport.
  3. All inspections are completed, processed and entered in Empic, a digital information system used by EASA.
  4. In addition to a general practitioner, doctor Van Philips is also competent in first-line ultrasound, traveler medicine and is a general practitioner trainer, affiliated with University Medical Center Amsterdam, location AMC, until June 2019.
  5. Doctor Van Philips is self-employed (self-employed without staff) and operates completely independently, both professionally and financially. Financial administration, invoicing, tax payment and annual accounts are taken care of. The inspections are a medical service for the benefit of the inspector.
  6. A choice can be made in flight medical examinations for pilots, namely class 1 (professional pilots, CPL MPL ATPL licenses), class 2 (private pilots, PPL) and LAPL (light aircraft pilot license or recreational pilots for lightweight aircraft). In addition, there is also the possibility of preventive medical check ups, outside of the pilot inspections. This applies to non-pilots.
  7. Keurlingen can register via www.doctoronboard.nl by completing the application form. After insight into the availability of the calendar, a date and time will be chosen. After receiving this, Van Philips will let you know within 1 working day whether he will accept the assignment. Sometimes another day or time is more appropriate and this is discussed with the applicant.
  8. There is a list of rates available for viewing on the website. When applying for an inspection, it is assumed that the applicant is sufficiently aware of this and has also truthfully entered the correct information.
  9. After acceptance of the test application, the applicant will receive a confirmation by e-mail with information about necessary preparation.
  10. Depending on the type of inspection, the moment in the periodicity or the opinion of Van Philips on the basis of medical data, there is the need to use additional diagnostics, for example an ECG, spirometry, audiogram, Hb measurement or 24-hour blood pressure measurement. Please take this into account with regard to any additional costs.
  11. After the inspection, the inspector receives a bill that must be paid immediately by debit card or internet banking. If payment is a problem, the inspector must inform Van Philips in advance for consultation.
  12. Doctor Van Philips cooperates with a few optometrists in Alkmaar, Haarlem, Amsterdam and Amstelveen where you can go for necessary eye examination prior to your examination. You must make an appointment yourself and process payment with the optometrist. Philips receives the eye examination report directly from the optometrist. On the website you will find links of these optometrists.
  13. Sometimes it is necessary to request consultation or expertise from medical specialists. You can refer Van Philips to a specialist, preferably with affinity and experience in aviation medicine, if there is a need for this. Such a consultation is preferably carried out prior to the inspection, after consultation with Van Philips, for example pilots with an SIC limitation. But due to the observation of a medical problem or increased risk of a medical problem during the inspection, the need for this may arise.
  14. Van Philips declares to be AME certified, working under the supervision of the MA (Medical Assessor) of the ILenT (Inspection for Aviation and Transport).
  15. If there is a complaint about a decision about the medical certificate, the examiner can submit a notice of objection to the MA of the ILenT.
  16. Van Philips declares to have its own professional liability insurance and disability insurance.
  17. Van Philips declares to be a member of a complaints committee within the framework of the Wkkgz Act (Quality of Complaints and Disputes Care Act)
  18. Van Philips declares that it will handle personal data that is provided for the protection of privacy with due care, in accordance with the AVG Act.

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