Class 1 repeat, class 2 initial and repeat and LAPL initial and repeat inspections.

General Practitionar - Sonographer - Travelers medical doctor
Aero Medical Examiner - GP trainer


Flying is fun, flying a plane yourself is even more fun. For one pilot flying is a passion, for another a sport and another with pleasure flies professionally. Every pilot knows the feeling of adrenaline, thrills to fly an airplane independently and to experience new things as they progress. As an AME (Aero Medical Examiner) I do not fly myself (yet), but I have started flying lessons for RPL-MLA since summer 2017. My ambition is to obtain a PPL license afterwards.

Due to irregular work and full agendas, I am unable to prepare specifically for the theory exams and therefore stopped my flight training at the end of 2020. 


Now I'm focusing on getting my boating licenses.




Welcome to my website Doctor on Board (a phrase sometimes used during a medical emergency on board aircraft “is there a doctor on board?”). My name is Marcel van Philips and I am both a general practitioner-sonographer and aero medical examiner by profession. From 2017 I perform aeromedical examinations, formerly class 2 and LAPL for private pilots and recreational pilots. From 2020 I plan to also conduct class 1 retests for professional pilots. I am currently going through a new certification process that should lead to approval of the independent performance of these class 1 and cabin crew inspections. Until the end of 2019 I was in my general practice in Alkmaar. From Jan-Nov 2020 I moved to Health Center Marne in Amstelveen, to be more central for my new target group. In the meantime, I have been living in Spaarne Gasthuis Hoofddorp since November 2020.

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The (candidate) pilot or other examiner registers via the application form on my website, chooses the type of inspection and the day and time that they want to be inspected. I will respond within 1 working day after request to confirm the appointment or to look at another inspection moment. With the application you also agree to the terms of delivery. The following applies to pilots: after the medical examination has been completed, an advice is issued, based on EASA and Dutch Authority guidelines. If there is a special case or limitations on the medical certificate must be imposed, the Medical Assessor of the IL and T must do this. After the inspection, payment must be made immediately (digitally) by pin payment or internet banking. I don't work with cash, please take this into account.


The inspection is a final station, ensure timely and complete provision of relevant medical information prior to the inspection. This speeds up the assessment and issue of the medical certificate. Show a valid passport or European ID, a driver's license does not count as identification. Just before the inspection, fresh urine must be collected (you will receive a urine cup before the inspection starts).

Short Curriculum Vitae

I have been a medical doctor since 1997. Six years later I obtained my GP certificate. I followed my academic and post-academic courses at the University of Leiden. From 2003-2010 I was an acting doctor in Brabant, Zeeland, South Holland and Utrecht. From 2010 to 2020 I had a solo GP practice in Alkmaar. I was a general practitioner-trainer at the AMC for 8 years.

My additional areas of expertise are: ultrasound, travel medicine and aviation medicine, or aero medical examiner. From 2022 I will also work as a SCEN doctor in the North Holland South West region.

In January 2020, I will continue my career as a self-employed person and do both observations and (aero-medical) examinations.

Click here to submit an application for an inspection. Complete the application form completely. I respond within 1 business day. My availability can be seen on my online agenda, from which an inspection can be requested. 

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